Using Snap Camera

Snap Camera is no longer available so this option has been removed

Sparkbooth 7 or later can send keypresses to the Snap Camera application to change lens. Here is how to setup lens switching:

  1. Download and install Snap Camera. Make sure your computer meets the system requirements and is able to run Snap Camera.
  2. In Snap Camera, download the lens you want to use and then go into the Lens Hotkeys settings to assign hotkeys to each lens.
  3. In Sparkbooth, go to Settings > Advanced > Snap Camera and create a hotkey set and add hotkeys to the set. You can have one hotkey per set, or different hotkeys sent for each photo within the set. Close Snap Camera when entering the hotkeys into Sparkbooth, so it does not detect the hotkey and prevent Sparkbooth from seeing the key presses.
  4. Start Snap Camera if it is not running.
  5. Go to Camera Settings and select Snap Camera for the webcam

You can also enabled guest select of the Snap Camera. Go to Settings > Photo Booth > Guest Selection and enable Change Snap Camera lens screen. This will display a screen to allow guests to select "Favorited" (heart icon) Snap Camera sets. It will display the first lens in the set.


On MacOS, install the non-notarized version of Sparkbooth Premium or DSLR Nikon to see the Snap Camera webcam. When running the non-notarize version of Sparkbooth for the first time, you will need to go to System Settings > Security & Privacy > General to enable apps for identified developers and to clear any notarization warnings.