Facebook Photo Uploads

Note: As of August 1, 2018, Facebook no longer allows posting of photos to personal accounts. Sparkbooth 6.1 or higher is required for the updated Facebook service.

Sparkbooth includes a number of different options for uploading photos to Facebook.

  • To upload photos to a Facebook page, go to Settings > Send to Account > select Facebook and sign into your account. After signing into your Facebook account, you can select any photo album in the Pages you administer to send photos. The account that you use to sign in must be an administrator of the page
  • To share a photo on a guest's Facebook account, go to Settings > Send to Guest > enable Facebook. With this option, the photo is uploaded to a photo hosting site (Facebook page, tumblr, Imgur, etc), and then the photo is shared as a link on the guest's personal account. Sparkbooth_facebook_guest_sharing.jpg