Start Screen Settings

You can display the Start Screen Settings by pressing the Start Screen Settings button on the toolbar, or pressing ctrl-2 from the Start Screen. Use these settings to configure what is displayed on the Start Screen and to change the theme.



  1. Change background theme
  2. Show or hide thumbnails
  3. Display and select banner image
  4. Display start button
  5. Display album button to open album view to browse previous photos.
  6. Display change photo effects button. Allows guests to change photo effects (color, sepia, black & white, fomomatic). Go to Settings > Photo Effects to configure selectable effects.
  7. Display change photo layout button. Allows guests to select photo layout to use. Go to Settings > Photo Layout to configure selectable photo layouts by favoriing layouts using heart button.
  8. Display change screen overlay button. Allows guests to select screen overlays to use. Go to Settings > Screen Overlays to configure selectable screen overlays.
  9. Display cancel button during photo session to cancel session.
  10. Display toolbar
  11. Enable click or touch screen to start photo session.
  12. Change start message or start button text
  13. Change start message font and font size
  14. Change portrait image used for photo layout preview
  15. Exit Display Settings