Sparkbooth 5 Release Notes

Recent changes to Sparkbooth 5 and Sparkbooth DSLR

5.0.122 Download: Windows  Mac  Windows Canon DSLR  Windows Nikon DSLR

  • Fix ordering of photos for layout export
  • Allow brighten live view if use external flash settings is disabled [Canon]
  • Fix reading on modes for new Canon cameas [Canon]

5.0.121 Download: Windows  Mac  Windows Canon DSLR  Windows Nikon DSLR

  • Add support for Canon T7i, 77D, 6D Mark II, SL2 [Canon DSLR]
  • Fix photo kiosk handling of split and duplicate layouts
  • Fix print counter for guest copy selection
  • Fix Pinterest posting
  • New photo layout JSON export format
  • Update Facebook service version
  • Fix display of split photo layout for guest selection

5.0.117 Download: Windows  Mac  Windows Canon DSLR  Windows Nikon DSLR

  • Fix display split layouts in layout selection screen
  • Fix layout editor print preview for display split and duplicate print layouts

5.0.116 Download: Windows  Mac  Windows Canon DSLR  Windows Nikon DSLR

  • Fix settings export for bad images

5.0.115 Download: Windows  Mac  Windows Canon DSLR  Windows Nikon DSLR

  • Get all SmugMug albums
  • Add refresh and sort albums for Evernote, Facebook Post Share, Flickr, Imgur, ShootProof, SmugMug and Zenfolio settings
  • Fix Evernote login
  • Fix ShootProof event selection

5.0.113 Download: Windows Canon DSLR

  • Fix crash when camera disconnects and brighten live view is enabled

5.0.112 Download: Windows  Mac  Windows Canon DSLR  Windows Nikon DSLR

  • Resized uploaded images should save with jpg extension
  • Send to Guest upload status should use selected uploader rather than 'Your Service'
  • Fix skipping GIF generation if print is canceled from prompt screen
  • Fade out overlapping animated text prompts
  • Only upload errors are displayed as notifications

5.0.110 Download: Windows  Mac  Windows Canon DSLR  Windows Nikon DSLR

  • Change language to Spanish, German, French, or Brazilian Portuguese
  • DSLR supports Nikon cameras
  • Take photos by trigger without countdown
  • Retake photos in session
  • Animated text countdown
  • Custom countdown audio so you can add voice clips for 1, 2, 3...
  • Custom countdown images so you can use your own images
  • Portrait mode for tall screens including camera rotation
  • Display layout as split strip
  • Print layout as doubled strip
  • Use screensaver instead of cover screen
  • Video and animated text screensaver and cover screens
  • Post animated GIFs to Facebook using new "Facebook Post Share" uploader to posted GIF on photo sharing services and then share photo on Facebook
  • Use animated GIFs for screen overlays or green screen backgrounds
  • Add setting to display photo progress bar [DSLR]
  • Add settable photo layout background color
  • Add before photo messages
  • Optimizations for on-screen message display
  • Display text prompts with animation
  • Change trigger photo text and display as notification or prompt
  • Update Facebook photo urls
  • Add Vivial Connect as mobile sending option
  • Add 'None' theme
  • Add button option for photo trigger and photo retake
  • Removed screen click for photo trigger (use button option instead)
  • Separate email prompt from guest emailing screen
  • Add option to show more than one layout on selection screen
  • Add rewind / boomerang gif animation option
  • Add animated text prompt color setting
  • Add popup animation to selected layout on selection screen
  • Timed out uploads should be queued in send photo later
  • Add subfolder options for saving singles, originals, and GIFs
  • Add create subfolder options for startup only or hours after midnight
  • Enter key press on prompt screens will submit
  • Photo effect selection screen disables selection buttons for less than 2 selectable effects
  • Add in-application settings reset
  • Email and mobile senders will prompt for information if uninitialized and save into queue
  • Uploaders will be reinitialized when internet status changes
  • Allow upside down configuration of camera
  • Setting for camera flash color and transparency
  • ESC press exists photo kiosk screens
  • Add bevel, outline, drop shadow effects to photo layout editor
  • Add layout editor view zooming
  • Add photo layout pre-rendering to speed up layout generation
  • Update STMP emailer to ignore certificate warnings
  • Add layout checker to remove bad images
  • UI tweaks
  • Move gif generation after printing
  • Fix SmugMug uploads