Setup Printing on Mac OS X

To setup printing on a Mac OS X for "4 x 6 photo paper". You will want to setup all the printer settings as default through the Printer system preferences, since the settings through the Test and Setup buttons in Sparkbooth do not save inbetween application re-starts.

  1. Open Sparkbooth, and press F1 to display the Settings dialog
  2. Select Printing options
  3. Select the printer from the drop down list
  4. Check "Enable print" if you want to automatically print each session
  5. Press the Setup button to display the setup dialog, and select the printer and paper size
  6. Your printer does not have an option for 4 x 6 paper (it could be named something else), select "Paper Size" and then "Manage Custom Sizes"
  7. Press "+" to add a custom size for 4 x 6 photo paper
  8. When you have completed this, press OK and close the Settings dialog
  9. On Mac OS X, set the default printer and paper size in System Preferences > Print & Scan (or Print & Fax)
  10. If you need to configure other printer settings that were not available in the printer setup dialog, go back to Sparkbooth Settings > Printing options and press the Test button. This will display the print dialog. You can press the down arrow next to the selected printer to display printer specific settings. After you have finished, press Print to save the settings. If you do not want to print a test layout, you can turn off the printer and delete the print job from the printer queue.

If you are still unable to print, it means your printer may have specific settings that cannot be set to default through System Preferences. You may have to setup the printer each time you start Sparkbooth:

  1. Go to Sparkbooth Settings
  2. Select Printing options
  3. Press the Setup button to display the Setup dialog. In the dialog, select your printer and paper size. Press OK to close the Setup dialog
  4. Press the Test button to display the Print dialog. In the dialog, make sure the your printer is selected, and you can set the other setting specific to your printer. Press Print to test the setup.
  5. These printer specific settings cannot be saved and reused in between re-starts, so you will need to repeat these steps to re-setup the printer when starting Sparkbooth.
  6. Also try toggling the "Automatically scale photo to fit paper size" and/or "Center layout on paper" options in Sparkbooth printing settings.

For printing on Windows, see Setup Printing on Windows