DSLR Camera Setup

Here are some tips for setting up your DSLR camera to work with Sparkbooth DSLR:

  • Connect the camera to the computer with an USB cable. Disable any wifi connection on the camera which will interfere with the USB connection
  • Set the image format to JPEG. You can decrease the quality/size of the JPEG for faster downloads
  • Set your camera to Manual mode (M on the dial) and Manual Focus (MF). This will allow your camera to take photos faster without having to refocus for each shot.
  • If you must use Auto Focus (AF), set the auto focus type to Quick mode to prevent focus lock issues.
  • Turn off "Auto Power Off" in your camera's menu settings
  • If you want LiveView, you may need to enable LiveView in your camera's menu settings
  • Use a power adapter. Do not rely on the camera's battery especially if you are using LiveView.
  • Disable applications like the Canon EOS Utility from automatically connecting to the camera. Sparkbooth will not be able to connect to the camera if another application is connected.