Connecting DSLR Camera

Use a USB cable to connect your compatible camera to the computer. Then start Sparkbooth DSLR, and it should automatically connect to the camera. If you are still unable to see a connection:

  • Verify that you downloaded the correct DSLR version for either Canon or Nikon. If you downloaded the webcam only version, it does not work with DSLR cameras.
  • Check that the camera shows up as a device in Windows' File Explorer. If it does not, it means there is a problem with your USB connection. It can be a bad cable or port. Try using a different cable or port until you see the camera show up as a device in Windows.
  • If the camera has a WiFi mode, disable the WiFi. Sparkbooth DSLR requires the computer to be connected via USB cable.
  • NEVER power the camera by plugging the power supply into the computer's USB port. This is will cause USB ports to become de-powered and affect the connection to the camera.
  • Check that the camera can connect to the camera utility for your camera. EOS Utility for Canon cameras or Camera Control Pro for Nikon cameras. If the camera utility is unable to connect, you might have a problem with your camera, USB cable, or USB port. Call the camera manufacture's tech support to resolve this issue.
  • Check that Sparkbooth DSLR is installed, and not the webcam-only version of Sparkbooth.
  • Check the correct version of Sparkbooth DSLR for your camera brand (Canon or Nikon).
  • Make sure the camera is not connected to another application like the Canon EOS Utility or Nikon Camera Control Pro when you start Sparkbooth. Close any camera utility or applications before starting Sparkbooth DSLR.
  • Check that your camera firmware version is up to date
  • Sometimes it helps to reset the camera's settings back to default
  • Using Windows XP or Vista, make sure to download Sparkbooth DSLR 4.3 for Windows XP and Vista. This is the last version that works with older version of Windows.

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