Sparkbooth DSLR Crashing Taking Photos

It is possible that Sparkbooth DSLR will crash if there is a camera error that occurs when taking a photo. It is recommended to use Manual mode and focus to avoid this. Here is a good tutorial on how to setup your camera this way.

  1. Use Manual Focus instead of Auto Focus. Auto Focus can have trouble getting focus which will cause a focus lock error. If you do need to use Auto Focus, enable Quick mode which will decrease the chance of a focus lock error.
  2. If your camera is set to an automatic mode, like P mode, there may be situations where the camera is unable to adjust the ISO, shutter speed, and/or aperture. This can happen if there is not enough light. It is recommended to use Manual mode and manually adjust the camera to the current environment and lighting. If you must use an automatic mode, be sure everything is well lighted.
  3. If you have manually adjusted the camera's shutter speed, check the shutter speed is as short as possible. Long shutter speeds, especially bulb mode, can cause camera errors.
  4. Make sure your camera is appropriately powered. Use an external power adapter to ensure the camera is has enough power. Low battery levels can cause the camera issues. Using a non-powered USB hub can cause camera connection issues. Do not power the camera through the computer's USB which can also cause camera connection issues.

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