How to Setup A Photo Kiosk

Read Jason's article on using Sparkbooth to create a print/upload station for your photo booth

For Sparkbooth Photo Kiosk

Sparkbooth Photo Kiosk is used to create a separate computer station to allow your guests to browse, print, and share photos from your photo booth. No more holding up your photo booth line to make extra prints. Sparkbooth Photo Kiosk is part of the Sparkbooth Commercial Suite, so you can use an activation on your Sparkbooth Commercial license to unlock it.

To setup Sparkbooth Photo Kiosk:

  1. It is assumed you have 2 computers: one computer is running your photo booth, and then second computer is running Sparkbooth Photo Kiosk
  2. Setup a network between your photo booth and Sparkbooth Photo Kiosk computers. A computer network can be setup a number of different ways: Ad-hoc network mac windows, wireless network, or wired network. Sparkbooth does not provide support for setting up your network. There are plenty or resources and services available on the internet for this, so please consult those.
  3. The folder where the photos are saved on the photo booth computer must be visible to the computer running Sparkbooth Photo Kiosk on your network. This is a feature of your operating system, so consult your operating system documentation on how to share a folder.
  4. In Sparkbooth Photo Kiosk, go to Settings (press F1 or fn + F1) and select General. Under Photo Folder, click the "Change" button and select the shared folder on your photo booth computer
  5. Make sure "Cache Photos Locally" is enabled since the photos are on a different computer. This feature will reduce the traffic over the network, and will improve the performance of the Photo Kiosk.
  6. You can go to the other tabs to enable printing, Facebook sharing, Twitter sharing, and/or emailing
  7. Now press the "Close" button, and Sparkbooth Photo Kiosk will start caching any photos it finds on the photo booth computer, and allow guests to browse the photos. As new photos are created in the "Photo Folder", they will be automatically show up in Sparkbooth Photo Kiosk

If you are having problems seeing the photo folder on the photo booth computer from the Sparkbooth Photo Kiosk computer, you can try running Dropbox to sync the photo booth folder between the two computers.

  1. Make sure both computer have Dropbox installed and running, and they are connected to the internet.
  2. On the photo booth computer, have the photo booth save the photos in a folder within its Dropbox folder.
  3. On the Sparkbooth Photo Kiosk computer, set the *Photo Folder" to the synced folder within its Dropbox folder, and disable the "Cache Photos Locally" option since the folder is on the same computer.
  4. Now as photos are created on the photo booth computer, Dropbox will automatically create a copy on the Sparkbooth Photo Kiosk computer and be display in the photo kiosk application.