No Internet Connection

If Sparkbooth is unable to detect your internet connection, please check the following:

  • Firewall or antivirus. Please make sure these applications are not blocking Sparkbooth. If you are running these types of applications, whitelist Sparkbooth with them. Also exit fullscreen mode and minimize Sparkbooth, to check if there are prompts or notifications asking to allow Sparkbooth to access the internet.
  • Computer date and time. Make sure your computer's date and time are correct. If the date and time is off, it will affect the computer's ability to make a secure connection
  • Internet Explorer offline mode. If you are running on a Windows computer, open Internet Explorer to verify that it is not in Offline mode by going to a website. This will prevent Sparkbooth from connecting to the internet. Also see Microsoft's instructions for disabling offline mode
  • Check Internet Explorer security settings. If Internet Explorer security settings are set too high, it can block Sparkbooth from accessing the internet. Open Internet Explorer, go to Internet Options and then the Security tab. You can press the "Reset all zones to default level" and see if that allows Sparkbooth internet access.
  • Current version of Internet Explorer. Windows users should also make sure you have the latest version of Internet Explorer and Service Pack. To verify that system files are up to date, open the url in Internet Explorer. If that page cannot be displayed, you need to update Internet Explorer and the Service Pack for your operating system.
  • Internet bandwidth usage. Check there are no background applications using up the internet connection like the downloading system updates. Disable any automatic system updates from downloading for your operating system.
  • Sparkbooth domain is reachable. Open up the default web browser on your computer and enter the address is reachable from your computer. If not, try rebooting your computer and/or router.

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