Backup and Reset Settings

Sometimes you may need to reset your settings like if you forgot you lock password, or you have corrupted cache or settings files.

If you have a Premium license and want to backup your settings before running the reset :

  1. Go to Settings > Premium > Import/Export > press Export to backup your settings
  2. For Sparkbooth 5 or newer, go to Settings > About > click the app icon to display the "Reset Settings" link. Click the link, and confirm you want to reset the settings back to default.
    For Sparkbooth 4 or old, close Sparkbooth and run the Reset Settings App for your version of Sparkbooth
  3. At this point, you can also uninstall and reinstall Sparkbooth.
  4. Open Sparkbooth
  5. Go to Settings > Premium > Import/Export > press Import and select the export settings file