Forgot lock password

If you forgot your lock password, the only thing you can do is run the reset settings app to reset all your settings back to default.

For Sparkbooth 5

For Windows, open the command line in Sparkbooth folder under the Program Files folder and enter

"Sparkbooth 5.exe" reset

Replace "Sparkbooth 5.exe" with the filename of the exe you have installed. Video tutorial

For Mac, open the terminal in the under Applications and enter

./Contents/MacOS/Sparkbooth\ 5 reset

For Sparkbooth 4 or earlier

Run the reset settings app at
for your version of Sparkbooth. This will put all the settings back to default.

Scroll down the page to your version of Sparkbooth ...

Sparkbooth DSLR Reset Settings
Use this application to reset Sparkbooth DSLR settings.

Requires Adobe AIR runtime.
1. Uninstall Sparkbooth
2. Click the badge to install and run Sparkbooth Reset Settings, or download directly
3. After running Reset Settings, uninstall it.
4. Re-install Sparkbooth

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