Changing Language


Sparkbooth 5.0 or later comes in English, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. The first time Sparkbooth is started, the software will be automatically set to the appropriate language based on the language of your operating system. You can change the language under Settings > General. If you need to use a different language, see below.

If you need to use a language other than the ones built into Sparkbooth, you can change some of the text that is displayed on the screen to your language.

  1. Press F1 or click the Settings button
  2. Select Messages
  3. Text for all on-screen messages can be edited here


You can also replace the voice prompts with your own. Many Sparkbooth customers like using a service like Fiverr to hire someone to create voice prompts in your language. Once you have your voice prompts mp3 files:

  1. Press F1 or click the Settings button
  2. Select Voice
  3. Select Custom Voice
  4. In the form below, you can click the attach buttons to select the mp3 files to use for each item


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