Configuring Mirror Booth In Photo Booth Mode

Sparkbooth now has a Mirror Booth mode that displays videos for mirror booth hardware in version 6 or higher.

If you want to run Sparkbooth for your mirror booth in photo booth mode, here are some configurations to make:

For in-between sessions, setup the Cover Screen to display either "Animated Text" or "Video"

To display animated text during the session, go to Settings > Messages > enable "Animate Text Prompts" and make to to fill in all the text messages in the section above that setting

Most mirror booths are taller than wide, you will need to configure Sparkbooth for Portrait mode:

  • To take portrait sized photos, go to Settings (press ctrl-1 to display) > Premium > General > Photo Size > select "Portrait"
  • To setup your camera to take portrait sized photos, go to Camera Settings > Photo Rotation > select -90 or 90 degrees depending on which direction you want to turn your camera.

To achieve a black screen for the mirror booth, or skip this if you want live view:

  • Change the theme to "None" and check "Preview Only" under Start Screen Settings (press ctrl-2 to display)
  • If you are using Sparkbooth DSLR, set the Video Source to "None" so live view is not displayed under Camera Settings (press ctrl-3 to display)
  • If you are using a webcam, you will need to create a screen overlay set with a black image to cover the webcam preview
  • To prevent a flash from showing on the screen when the photo is taken, change the flash color to black and transparency to 1.0 under Camera Settings Sparkbooth_no_flash.jpg