Crashing Selecting Cameras

If the software crashes when you click on the list of cameras under the camera settings (press ctrl-3 to display), it means there is an issue with the operating system being able to list the cameras attached.


The workaround is the create a text file named "sparkbooth-webcam.txt" in your Documents folder to select the webcam you want to use.

  1. Open the Documents folder and right-click and select New > Text Document. Rename the text file to "sparkbooth-webcam"
  2. Open the text file in Notepad and enter "1" (without the quotes) in the file and save it.
  3. Start Sparkbooth and it should select camera 1.
  4. If camera 1 is not the correct camera, close Sparkbooth and edit the sparkbooth-webcam.txt file and increment the camera number to 2.
  5. Start Sparkbooth again, and check if it selects the camera you want.

You may need to repeat steps 4 to 5, incrementing the camera number each time on step 4.

Also, see this article for additional workarounds.