Using Printer Pooling for Full and Cut Prints

With Sparkbooth, you can easily manage printing tasks by using the printer pooling feature. This allows you to set up separate printers for full prints and cut prints. Here's how to do it:

1. Add Printers to the Printer Pool

  • First, add the printers you wish to use to the printer pool. This is a simple process and ensures Sparkbooth recognizes the printers you intend to use. Sparkbooth Printer Pool

2. Configure Printers for Full and Cut Prints

  • Next, designate one printer for full prints and the other for cut prints. You can find detailed instructions on configuring a printer to cut a print here. Sparkbooth Full and Cut Printers

3. Setting Up Print Layouts

  • Sparkbooth will automatically send prints for photo layouts that are duplicate strips to the cut printer. There are two ways to define a duplicate strip layout:
    1. Enable the "Display Split" Setting: In the layout editor, you can enable the layout's "Display Split" setting. Sparkbooth Display Split
    2. Create a New Layout with "Strip Layout Printed Doubled": Alternatively, you can create a new layout where the "Strip layout printed doubled" option is enabled. Sparkbooth Layout Printed Doubled

4. Enable Guest Photo Layout Selection

  • Finally, enable the guest photo layout select feature, which allows guests to choose between full and cut layouts. Instructions for enabling this feature can be found here.

By following these steps, you can efficiently utilize Sparkbooth's printer pooling feature for different print types, enhancing the experience for your guests.