Screen Overlay Settings

Use Screen Overlay Settings to display screen overlay images during the photo session. Screen overlays can be composited over the photos. With a Premium license, you can create your own screen overlays sets using your own images. You will want to use images with a transparent background to allow the photo/video to show through, so only GIF and PNG are allowed. Use 1800 x 1200 images to keep the proper proportions.



  1. Select screen overlay set to use.
  2. Favorites screen overlay. Favorited screen overlays are selectable from start screen using the change screen overlay button or shortcut.
  3. Displays individual screen overlays for the selected set
  4. Create new screen overlay set [Premium license only]

Custom Screen Overlay Settings

These features require Premium license to be enabled



  1. Rename custom screen overlay set
  2. Delete custom screen overlay set
  3. Add screen overlay to set
  4. Screen overlay image preview
  5. Select how/when screen overlay will appear. If more than one image can be displayed, it will randomly select a qualifying image. For example, if there are more than one image set to Photo 2, it will randomly select one of the Photo 2 images for the second photo.
    • Start: Displayed before the first photo
    • All: Display image for all photos (1 to 4)
    • Photo 1-4: Only use image for specific photo number
    • Photo Random: Randomly displayed for photos 1 through 4
    • End: Displays before the photo session ends
    • Before Photo 1-4: Displays the image before the specified photo is taken
    • Disabled: Prevents the image from being displayed
  6. Mirror screen overlay on display (like the video)
  7. Enable compositing of screen overlay on photo. If disabled, it will only be displays on screen and not composited on photo.
  8. Delete screen overlay