Sparkbooth 6 Release Notes

Recent changes to Sparkbooth 6 and Sparkbooth DSLR 6

6.0.151 Download: Windows  Mac  Windows Canon DSLR  Windows Nikon DSLR

  • Fix false warning for DSLR license

6.0.150 Download: Windows  Mac  Windows Canon DSLR  Windows Nikon DSLR

  • Remove slower non-legacy GIF encoder
  • Fix screen overlay, background, video random selection
  • Update licensing component


  • Longer email provider list
  • Fix UI resizing when changing themes
  • Fix importing of telephone numbers into Send Photo Later queue
  • Hide lock mode message in empty photo kiosk


  • Separate gateway screen setting for session and photo album
  • Fix initial tool selection for drawing screen
  • Fix importing of non-supported photo size layouts
  • Counters import will skip if type, action, name, and target are the same as existing
  • By default counters will not be exported


  • Fix photo kiosk page up and down shortcut


  • Fix for slow photo layout rendering


  • Disclosure, get ready, and drawing screens log to status file
  • Add controls position to photo kiosk settings
  • Update Twilio invalid login credentials error message


  • Add Send to Account Facebook notification


  • Add missing message font settings to Photo Kiosk mode


  • Increase background transparency of modal dialogs
  • Fix SmugMug and Facebook callback urls
  • Disable toggle selection of starting screens


  • Use external browser to sign into Send to Account Facebook uploaders
  • Remove unused Facebook permission
  • Improve error handling of settings import
  • Add font and animated text settings to kiosk mode
  • Remove Custom Facebook App which is no longer supported


  • Update translations
  • Fix animated text issue with space-only messages
  • Export includes video sets when movie files are enabled
  • Remove unused Facebook permissions
  • Add photo layout reset to startup reset


  • Fix button rendering for None theme


  • Update back icon for album screens and select icon for Send Photo Later queue


  • Fix for blank text labels for start screen buttons
  • Fix for Always In Front toggling on some Windows 10


  • Google services authorization always use external browser
  • Change success url for Flickr, SmugMug, and Tumblr


  • Fix startup crash for some Windows 10 installs
  • Update Facebook success login url
  • Update mobile sending error messaging


  • Update Facebook service version
  • Mailchimp authentication can use external browser
  • Clear session data after Send Photo Later queue upload


  • Show current unfavorited selected on selection screens


  • Display save errors as notifications


  • Change Dropbox login to use external browser
  • Do not render drawing area for layout preview
  • Selection screens should show already selected items first


  • Fix Facebook Post Share uploader
  • Display Facebook access expire date


  • Extend Facebook login duration


  • Fix screen overlay issue on retake
  • Speed up animated text countdown
  • Include photo url in upload log


  • Trim portrait, no rotation correctly for webcam
  • Update legacy GIF encoder


  • Fix Facebook login for mobile and hotspot domains


  • Fix layout editor text color picker


  • Fix for Windows 10 1903 update


  • Fix mirror booth mode for non-English language


  • Login in using external browser for SmugMug and Flickr
  • Fix Facebook link sharing
  • Fix Facebook login warning


  • Fix login verification for some uploaders


  • Fix Facebook login and update service version


  • Update SendGrid service
  • Fix clipping of layout editor toolbar
  • Fix saving of notifier settings
  • Other minor updates


  • Add 4:3 photo sizes


  • Add draggable / adjustable / resizable stickers


  • Option to disable telephone mask
  • Fix SmugMug uploading
  • Other minor updates


  • Keep layout editor overlay image layer on top
  • Update QWERTY email keyboard
  • Fix Disclosure screen file selection
  • Update translations
  • Remove notifiers from Send Photo Later uploads


  • Add selection check mark to start screens
  • Add Use EU setting to MailGun notifier
  • Fix photo layout change button
  • Warning for Logitech Capture software


  • Fix custom filename hour placeholder
  • Add support for EOS 5DS, 5DS R, 7D Mark II, 80D, Kiss M / EOS M50, EOS R, 1D C, 1D Mark III, 1D Mark IV, 1D X, 1D X Mark II, 1Ds Mark III, PowerShot SX70 HS [Canon DSLR]


  • Update for new Facebook login


  • Add support for Nikon D850, D5600, D7500, z6, z7 [DSLR Nikon]
  • Fix month and minute tokens for custom file name
  • Optimize album screen memory usage


  • Fix listing Facebook pages
  • Add setting to disable guest upload prompt for 1 uploader
  • Fix Get Ready screen live view display


  • Fix for Gateway screen settings screen


  • UI layout tweaks for long translations


  • Configurable touch and hold corners
  • Update translations
  • Ready screen minimum time is 3 seconds or 0 to disable count


  • Fix overlay selection screen title text


  • Update to new Twitter service
  • Removed MobypictureTwitter, TwitPic, TwitrPix, and YFrog uploaders
  • Fix some keyboard shortcuts for cover screen


  • Add url match types and buying parameter to gateway screen
  • Fix webcam initialization for DSLR


  • Fix background generators


  • Always pre-render layouts
  • Output gateway and upload prompt screen to status file
  • Add setting to change print prompt submit key to F13
  • Fix layout rendering timeout handling


  • Fix custom color selection for drawing region


  • Add gateway payment screen option for photo kiosk
  • Add start times control for video countdown settings
  • Fix default prints for photo kiosk
  • Improve caching for portrait and banner images


  • Fixes and improvements to get ready screen


  • Fix start session when locked
  • Change touch lock color to grey
  • Show more items in Premium settings list
  • Show other live view camera settings for Mirror Booth


  • Add support for Canon T7, 2000D, T100
  • Fix applying font changes from Messages settings
  • Add no countdown sound option
  • Other minor fixes


  • New modern flat button styles
  • New mirror booth mode. Customize with your own videos.
  • Drawing screen to allow guests to sign or draw on their photos. Can be used for photo booth or mirror booth mode.
  • New stickers to allow guests to apply sticker images. Customize with your own images.
  • New video countdowns. Additional video countdowns.
  • New gateway screen that can be used take payments or display survey before starting photo booth
  • New disclosure screen to display html or image files for privacy policies or other disclosures
  • Configure buttons to be display at top or bottom of screen
  • Display multiple screen overlays and green screens on selection screen
  • Use new Facebook service for uploading photos to business pages
  • Add additional prints to guests selected print copies from print prompt screen. Useful for ensuring you have a print for a photo book in addition to prints for guests.
  • New photo layout background generators
  • New media library for images in photo layout editor
  • New Gmail emailer
  • New Dropbox uploader
  • New uploader
  • New Google Photo uploader
  • New Google Drive uploader
  • Add EU server option for MailGun emailer
  • Improved Nikon component
  • New notifiers to send emails or texts when counters search configured limits
  • Add COUNTDOWN and TRIGGER to status file output when countdown or photo trigger is displayed
  • Export individual screen overlays, green screen backgrounds, and countdowns

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