Custom Facebook App

This feature allows you to customize the share link and album name of photos posted to Facebook from Sparkbooth or Sparkbooth Photo Kiosk using the Facebook, Guest Facebook, or Guest Upload Chooser (when Facebook is selected) uploaders. You will need to use Sparkbooth 4.2 or later, and have a Premium license to use this feature


First, you will create a Facebook app:

  1. Sign up for a developer account if you do not already have one.
  2. Go to and click on "Add a New App"
  3. Click Skip and Create App ID button
  4. In the Create New App dialog, enter your company name in Display Name, Contact Email, and Category. Then click the Create App ID button.
  5. Continue pass the security question to prove you are human, and your app settings will be displayed.
  6. Under Product Setup, click Get Started for Facebook Login
  7. For Client OAuth Settings, check that Client OAuth Login, Web OAuth Login and Embedded browser OAuth Login are enabled, and enter for Valid OAuth redirect URIs
  8. Under Settings > Basic, enter for App Domain
  9. Press + Add Platform and select Website
  10. Enter your web site url (i.e. in the form below, and the copy the redirecting URL into the Site URL under Website section

  11. Press the Save Changes button at the bottom
  12. Select the Advance tab, check that Native or desktop app and In App Secret embeeded into the client are set to Yes
  13. Press the Save Changes button at the bottom
  14. Select the App Review tab, and make your app public.
  15. If you are using the Send to Account Facebook uploader, make sure the sign-in account is either entered as an Administrator, Developer, or Tester under the Roles tab.
  16. If you are using the Send To Guest Facebook uploader, go to Settings > Send To Guest > enable "Allow guest to send" > enable "Guest's Facebook" > select "Post to Account Then Share". Click Configure Facebook Upload Account and log into the account to upload photos into. This option will upload the photo to the Facebook account or page, then allow your guests to share the photo on their account. This will not require publish permissions. You will also want to change the share title and description text. Note: the custom Facebook app will not work with Post to Photo Album, unless it has already been granted publish permissions by Facebook.

Configuring Sparkbooth

Now you can configure Sparkbooth or Sparkbooth Photo Kiosk to use your Facebook app:

  1. Copy both the App ID and App Secret values from your Facebook app into Sparkbooth. Open Sparkbooth, and go to Settings > Premium > Custom Facebook App (for Sparkbooth Photo Kiosk go to Settings > Facebook), and paste the App ID and App Secret into the form.
  2. For Domain URL, enter under Basic settings
  3. You are now ready to test your setup, press the Validate button and sign into your Facebook account, and authorize your Facebook app to post photos.
  4. If you are successful testing the setup, the Facebook app should now be validated and all Facebook photo uploads from Sparkbooth will be done through your Facebook app. You can now Close the Settings dialog.


  • If you are having problems with uploading from Send To Account Facebook, make sure the Facebook account you are signing into has been added to the Roles tab for your Facebook App as explained in step 16.
  • If you are getting "no publish permissions" error with uploading from Send To Guest Facebook, use the Send to Account then Share option instead.
  • For more information about creating Facebook apps, check out the documentation at

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