Remote Support

If the Sparkbooth support team needs to remote into your computer to help resolve an issue. you will need to download and run the QuickSupport remote support application.

  1. Go to the QuickSupport Download page to download the remote support application.
  2. For Windows, double-click the downloaded exe file to start the remote application.
    For Mac, double-click the downloaded zip file to exact the remote application, then double-click the extracted remote application.
  3. After the QuickSupport remote support application has started, wait a couple seconds for it to generate an id and password.
  4. Send the id and password to the Sparkbooth support team, and they will be able to remote into your computer. Leave the QuickSupport application running, and wait for the Sparkbooth support team to connect.
  5. After the remote session is over, you can close the QuickSupport application and no one will be able to remote into your computer anymore.

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