Configuring "Windows Viewer" Printing

Try using the "Windows Viewer" option if you are getting printer errors, or you are unable to adjust the printer settings to get the same print quality as printing from right-clicking on an image file in Windows File Explorer.

If you are using the "Windows Viewer" option for printing, you can configure the printer via Windows Photo Viewer.

Note: Due to operating system updates, Windows will not allow Sparkbooth to access Windows Viewer from the Program Files folder. Try copying the Sparkbooth folder outside the Program Files folder (like your Desktop)

For 4.2 or later sparkbooth-windows-viewer.jpg

  1. Click the Setup button
  2. This will open the image in Windows Photo Viewer. You can configure the printer from this dialog, and any prints made from Sparkbooth using the "Print directly to Windows system" option will use those settings.
  3. If the Setup button does not work, use Windows File Explorer and right-click on an image file and select "Print" to bring up Windows Photo Viewer.