Adjusting Print Margins

You can adjust the position of prints by adjusting the margins. If you have "Automatically scale photo to fit paper" and/or "Center layout on paper" enabled, you can adjust print boundary that the layout is scaled and centered within.

Note: If you are using a DNP, Mitsubishi, Hiti, Sony, Shinko, or Fuji printer, leave all the margins set to 0. Instead of adjusting the margins, you can create a new photo layout in the layout editor, and select one of the paper sizes for your printer. These paper sizes include the bleed margins for the printer, so the center of the paper will be the center of the print out.

1. Print out a test print. Making sure to select a borderless paper size.

For version 6 or older, go to Settings > Printing and setup your printer, and then press the Test button.


For version 7 or newer, go to Settings > Printer Setup to setup your printer, and then press the Test button


Note: Make sure "automatically rotate" is disabled for this test.

2. Determine where the top, left, right and bottom are on the test print. It depends on the orientation of the print, portrait vs. landscape

For portrait:

For landscape:

3. Look at the test print and check if the bounded area falls within the print area

3. Look at the test print and check if the bounded area falls within the print area

Looking at the test print and using the margin ruler...

  • The top edge seems fine
  • The left edge is to the left of the 10 mark (maybe 5)
  • The right edge is to the right of the 10 mark (maybe 5)
  • The bottom edge is above the 10 mark (maybe 13)

4. Set the margins based on the test print

  • Since the top edge is fine, leave it at zero
  • Use 5 for the left margin
  • Use 5 for the right margin
  • Use 13 for the bottom margin


5. Print out another test print with the margin settings

Look for a bounding red box on the print which will defines the margin area.

If you do not see a side of the red box, you will need increase the margin of that edge.

If the the side of the red box is too far from the edge of the paper, you will need to decrease the margin of the edge.


My print only show the bottom side of the red box. Do the left and right margins need to be increased by 1. The bottom side is a little too far from the bottom edge of the paper, so the bottom margin needs to be decreased by 1. Now to another test print with these margin settings.


Now I can see the red box along the edge of the paper using the new margin settings.


If you have "Center layout on paper" disabled, you will only be able to adjust the top and left margins. This will adjust the position of the top left corner of the image.