Running on Non-Administrator Account

For Sparkbooth 3.5 or later

Sparkbooth 3.5 or later runs without any issue on a non-administrator account. Please make sure the non-administrator account has write privileges to the photo save locations.

For Sparkbooth 3.4 or earlier

If you need to run Sparkbooth on a non-administrator account in Windows, you will need to first install the software under the administrator account. Then you can run it from the non-administrator account. Here is what you need to do:

  1. You need to first sign into the administrator account on your computer and install Sparkbooth.
  2. Sign out of the administrator account
  3. Sign into the non-administrator account
  4. Start Sparkbooth
  5. Click the Get License button and sign into your account to activate the software

On Macs, you can install the software from the non-administrator account, and during the install you will be prompted for the administrator password to complete the installation.