Using Coin / Bill Acceptors

Using a coin or bill acceptor with Sparkbooth requires the acceptor send a spacebar or enter key press to Sparkbooth after the correct amount has been entered. This may require you to create a custom application to send the key press.

Casino Software has a cash payment system available for purchase which includes the hardware and software that works with Sparkbooth. The system works with most currencies and they ship worldwide. To configure Sparkbooth to work with this system, go to Settings > Premium > General > Output Status and enable "Write applications status" and "Display in window title" settings. Please contact Casino Software if you have further questions about their product.


For more information about the status setting.

You can change the keypress to start a session under Settings > Keyboard > Start session keypress. Changing the keypress to F13 will disable the spacebar or enter key from starting the session if you have a keyboard attached to the computer.


If you want to take payments for printing, setup Sparkbooth to display the print prompt screen and enable F13 for printing.


Also see Gateway / Payment Screen, if you want to use your own web server for accepting payments.

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