Custom Video Countdown

You can add your own mp4 or flv video files to use as countdowns in Sparkbooth.

  1. Go to Settings > Countdowns > click the manage countdowns icon next to the Style list
  2. In the manage countdowns dialog, click the new countdown button (the plus icon)
  3. Select Video, fill in the countdown name and then press OK
  4. You will need to select either Start Increments or Start Times options.
    • Use Start Increments, if the time increment between counts is equal.
    • Use Start Times, if the time increment between counts is variable. You will need to enter the time index to jump to for each count.
    • If you want to just play the enter video file, enter 0 for Start Increments and leave Start Times blank.
  5. If you want to play the audio in the video file, enable the "Enable Sound" setting. This will disable the countdown voice or beep.
  6. You can set the Display to either Fit or Fill. Fit will shrink and letterbox the video so you can see the entire video. Fill will zoom the video so there is no letterboxing.
  7. Enable the Fullscreen setting if you want to increase the video to fill the preview area.

If you video does not play, try re-encoding the video using H.264, The Adobe Media Encoder or some other video encoder utility can do this.

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