Status File

If you need to have custom actions performed based on what Sparkbooth is currently doing, you can enable Sparkbooth to output its current status to a text file. Go to Settings > Premium > General > enable "Write application status to"


Currently, it will write out the following lines:

  • START - At start screen waiting to begin a session
  • DISCLOSURE_SCREEN - Disclosure screen displayed
  • GETREADY_SCREEN - Get ready screen displayed
  • GATEWAY_SCREEN - Gateway or Payment screen displayed
  • PHOTO_LAYOUT_SCREEN - For photo layout selection screen
  • PHOTO_EFFECT_SCREEN - For photo effect selection screen
  • OVERLAY_SCREEN - For overlay selection screen
  • BACKGROUND_SCREEN - For background selection screen
  • SESSION_START - When starting a session
  • COUNTDOWN - When countdown starts
  • TAKE_PHOTO_{#} - Taking a photo where # is the photo number
  • DEVELOPING_PHOTOS - Generating the photo layout
  • DRAWING_PHOTO_SCREEN - Drawing or signing screen displayed
  • SAVED_LAYOUT - Saved the photo layout followed by tab and the saved layout path)
  • ENCODING_GIF - Generating an animated GIF
  • PRINT_PROMPT - Print prompt screen displayed
  • FORM_PROMPT - Prompt form screen displayed
  • UPLOAD_PROMPT - Upload prompt screen displayed for "Send to Account" uploads
  • UPLOAD_GUEST - Prompt guest for upload for "Send to Guest"uploads
  • MAILINGLIST - Sending to mailing list
  • PREVIEW - Preview screen displayed
  • SESSION_COMPLETE - At end of session
  • SESSION_CANCELLED - When session has been cancelled

You can have a custom application monitor this file for changes and then perform your custom actions.