Sparkbooth 4 Release Notes

Recent changes to Sparkbooth 4 and Sparkbooth DSLR


4.3.119 Download: Windows  Mac  Windows DSLR, Vista XP DSLR

  • Switch to new services server

4.3.118 Download: Windows  Mac  Windows DSLR, Vista XP DSLR

  • Fix false warning for DSLR license

4.3.116 Download: Windows  Mac  Windows DSLR, Vista XP DSLR

  • Fix activation for upgraded Personal license
  • Correct update url


  • Fix activation for upgraded Personal license


  • Fix login callback for SmugMug


  • Update to use new license server


  • Smaller installer
  • Update Facebook permissions for August changes


  • Update Facebook uploader for changes coming on August 2018
  • Decrease time to open camera list
  • Update photo timeout message


  • Fix frozen live view
  • Fix GIF encoding issues


  • Update Facebook service version


  • Show all MailChimp lists sorted by name
  • Fix save settings for photo kiosk mode


  • Enable Facebook 2-factor login
  • Fix Facebook logout


  • Improved Canon component
  • Prevent Canon camera from timing out
  • Send photo later queue imports photos from same folder as import file
  • Fix preview duration 'None' slider label


  • Album screen close button should be disabled after selecting a photo


  • Fix startup with no license bug from the last update. Sorry about that!
  • Fix brighten live view when 'using external flash' setting disabled


  • Fix print counter for guest copy selection
  • Fix Pinterest posting
  • Update Facebook service version


  • Fix settigs export for bad images
  • Add DSLR version for Windows XP and Vista


  • Get all SmugMug albums
  • Fix Evernote login
  • Fix Shootproof event selection
  • Fix DSLR camera disconnect crash when brighten live view enabled


  • Update Canon component in main DSLR version. B version no longer needed [DSLR]
  • Fix Yahoo SMTP port number
  • Fix SmugMug uploader
  • Update Facebook service version
  • Fix crash when adding image to green screen set


  • Fix STMP emailing to ignore certificate warnings
  • Fix crashes when adding images to green screen background sets


  • Fix request support for photo kiosk
  • Fix erroneous Mailchimp check in photo kiosk
  • Other minor fixes


  • Update Canon component to improve performance and fix take photo delay [Canon b]
  • Fix in-application reset settings


  • Add in-application reset settings


  • Fix camera select dialog
  • Fix closing application when camera uninitialized
  • Fix fullscreen exiting in lock mode


  • Fix freezing when changing themes
  • Canceled uploads should not be queued
  • Print prompt screen remaining time label should only be 1 line


  • Opening links with web browser, exits fullscreen
  • Fix live view error message
  • Fix default theme selection


  • Canon component reverted to older version from 4.2 [Windows DSLR]. If you need support for EOS Rebel T6, EOS 1300D, EOS Kiss X80, EOS-1D X Mark II, or EOS 80D, download DSLR.b
  • Add ability to restart camera on lock up [Windows DSLR.b]
  • Fix camera firmware update message


  • Fix Send To Guest status on About screen


  • Add firmware version checker
  • Update error logging
  • Update Facebook photo urls
  • Fix display of OK button for Facebook like dialog
  • Fix delay is loading status display when importing settings
  • Fix centering of 'Developing Photos' message
  • Other minor optimizations


  • Add setting to display photo progress bar [DSLR]
  • Fix error when dragging file with no extension into photo layout settings
  • Fix layout editor undo
  • Minor UI fixes and tweaks


  • Clear up image loading memory sooner
  • Fix photo layout settings keyboard handling


  • Fix Twitter @reply uploader


  • Fix screen overlay mirroring
  • Fix photo layout settings keyboard handling
  • Fix camera sound effect for webcam photos [DSLR]
  • Fix webcam photos warning to show once [DSLR]


  • Sparkbooth DSLR now supports Canon T6 / 1300D
  • Faster and improved settings import and export file format. Including smaller file size, less memory usage, and fix for encoding large and corrupt images.
  • Add limited GIF uploading
  • Display GIF animations in previews and prompts
  • Disable printing temporarily setting 0 prints via shortcut
  • Add password confirmation for lock mode
  • Add setting to toggle lock mode with close mode short cut
  • See 4.3 beta release notes for a full list of changes



  • Clean up settings import


  • Update Santa voice


  • Optimizations to camera settings dialog


  • Fix for animated GIF color palette


  • Fix Send to Account Facebook login
  • Remove Facebook non-native browser option


  • Revert fix for MailChimp displaying email prompt


  • Change Mobile settings layout
  • Adjust DSLR photo time out
  • Fix disabled Set Password button for Lock mode


  • Fix prompt screen for mailing list email


  • Update request support short system information
  • Use MailChimp v3.0 service
  • Mailchimp settings should prompt for email


  • Add request support shortcut to send log and system information
  • Fix SMTP verify button for unauthenticated server


  • Facebook event upload fix


  • Update Facebook service version
  • Faster Facebook sign out
  • Fix Facebook upload for mobile hotspot domain
  • Save single photos is enabled by default
  • Upload resize cache saved locally instead on remote folder for kiosk mode


  • Switch back to regular mobile services
  • Fix Facebook 1 x 4 strip upload error


  • Update Mobile services
  • Fix banner sizing


  • Fix Surface 4 webcam issue
  • Fix Mac SMTP permissions error
  • Fix exporting of unsaved settings
  • Fix misspellings


  • Fix close mode custom action
  • Other minor fixes


  • Remove TwitPic (no longer exists) which causes Send To Guest settings to hang if selected


  • Add SMTP email to Email Account
  • Fix Send Photo Later delete queue after sending
  • Fix Send Photo Later undo delete
  • Fix layout editor drag drop import


  • Change Mandrill to use API key
  • Fix custom SMTP settings
  • Fix SMTP 'CPU lacks feature' error


  • Fix photo layout delete and hide


  • Add printer error retry setting
  • Other minor fixes


  • Add QWERTZ South Slavic Latin keyboard layout
  • Fix negative positions for items in layout editor
  • Fix Facebook Post to Account then Share logout
  • Fix some minor errors


  • Fix Facebook login
  • Fix SMTP on Mac


  • Add STMP emailer [beta]
  • Add MailGun email service


  • Add Sparkpost email service
  • "Before" Photo screen overlays
  • Do not display on screen buttons in close mode
  • Select camera dialog includes DSLR options
  • Fix on screen keyboard for small displays


  • Add keyboard shortcut to toggle Close Mode
  • Add tooltip help for Settings > Messages fields
  • Fix Windows Viewer Setup display
  • Fix Facebook help links
  • Guest upload screen uses less memory
  • Do not initialize Mailchimp for Personal license


  • Hide green screen controls if disabled
  • Fix for Windows 10 to use native browser


  • Save camera photo option for webcams
  • Workaround for Windows 10 SmugMug and tumblr sign in
  • Update 'take photo from screenshot' option
  • Fix Windows Viewer print option
  • Only display uploader error notifications


  • [DSLR] Add support for Canon T6s and T6i cameras
  • [DSLR] Shutter speed setting to handle dark live view
  • [Premium, DSLR] Green screen to dynamically replace backgrounds with your own images.
  • [Premium, DSLR] Add green screen background selection keyboard shortcut, button and screen
  • [Premium, DSLR] Add keyboard shortcut to toggle green screen feature
  • [Premium, DSLR] Add button maker layouts and screen overlay
  • [Premium, DSLR] Add keyboard shortcut to temporally change print copies for session
  • [Premium, DSLR] Customize actions for up and down arrow keyboard shortcuts
  • Faster animated GIF generation
  • Add animated GIF delay setting
  • Improved support for using wireless presentation remotes to start sessions, and configurable actions for the next and previous buttons.
  • Automatically create new Facebook photo album when photo limit setting is reached
  • Add Facebook 'Post to Account Page then Share' upload option.
  • Post photos to Facebook event pages
  • Updates to SmugMug, Facebook, and Picassa service
  • [Premium, DSLR] Faster Photo Kiosk file cache reloading
  • [Premium, DSLR] Add button toolbar to Photo Kiosk
  • New Twitter upload option to @reply guest’s Twitter account
  • Send Photo Later for Guest Twitter uploads
  • [Premium, DSLR] Add prompts to Photo Kiosk mode
  • [Premium, DSLR] Submit email addresses to MailChimp mailing lists in Photo Kiosk mode
  • [Premium, DSLR] Add counters to Photo Kiosk mode to track prints and uploads
  • Add data import and export Send Photo Later queue
  • Add Santa Claus voice
  • Add image folder setting to slideshow cover screen
  • [Premium, DSLR] Add new print prompt options for guest selectable copies.
  • No focus icon is displayed in lower right corner when Sparkbooth loses focus
  • Fix email validators for new TLDs formats
  • Other changes and improvements. See beta release notes for details.



  • TwitrPix is back!
  • Add Sparkbooth link to trial upload captions


  • Disable native browser login for unsupported operating systems
  • Fix MailChimp initialization on start up


  • Fix start up photo layout preview generation


  • Print direct to Windows setting is no longer beta
  • Fix freezing layout generating from corrupt image files


  • Fix background and overlay size warning
  • Fix custom voice freeze


  • Removed TwitrPix service (appears to be shutdown)


  • Fix for Windows 10 native browser warning
  • Fix Picasa uploader


  • Prevent photo layout import from overwriting layouts with same name
  • Increase Twitter caption to 140 characters


  • Always show mouse for setting dialogs
  • Fix flashing controls on cover screen
  • [DSLR] Do not access webcam by default


  • Enable 'Print directly to Windows' for regular Sparkbooth
  • [DSLR] Update DSLR component runtime


  • [DSLR] Fix Windows XP compatibility error in 4.1.91


  • [DSLR] Add Canon EOS 7D mark II support
  • Use new Facebook like dialog
  • Update to Facebook 2.3 service
  • Fix uploader test from Send Photo Later for emailing and mobile
  • Fix animated GIF end of file error when opening with Photoshop
  • Fix some printing issues
  • Fix Facebook logout issues


  • Improved test print with better scale
  • Fix photo kiosk page updating when changing folders
  • Fix resizing of photo kiosk page


  • Fix no voice error
  • Optimize mobile uploads


  • Optimize DSLR
  • Fix stuck developing photos and other freezing issues
  • Fix upload counters
  • Optimize photo album
  • Optimize photo sizes
  • Fix click or touch to start on cover screen
  • Fix SmugMug unauthorized error message


  • Allow photo kiosk folder to be read-only
  • Shrink large preview portrait images
  • Fix pop-up errors


  • Add old Internet Explorer warning for native login. Windows users using native browser login should have Internet Explorer 10 or later.
  • Add better messaging for MMS upload error


  • Add QWERTZ on screen keyboard layout
  • Enable keyboard layouts in photo kiosk settings


  • Add option for QWERTY or AZERTY on screen keyboards


  • Fix tumblr login


  • Fix random and next photo layout selection with no favorites
  • Show partial license key when hovering over registered email address in About screen. Use determine which key was used if you have multiple license keys.
  • Add DNP 6x8 and 6x9 paper sizes
  • Enable native Windows printing [DSLR Windows]. Enable this if you are encountering the non-printing bug in Adobe AIR. This prints the same way as if you right-click and select "Print" in Windows Explorer.


  • Add ShootProof uploader
  • Open and save file dialog should remember last folder
  • Fix thumbnail updating when changing layouts
  • Facebook login uses native browser by default
  • Check transparency image for layout and screen overlays
  • App status includes photo layout reset setting
  • Add brighten LiveView image setting [beta]. Temporary setting until we get ISO/aperture adjustment control done.


  • Mailchimp no longer enables email prompt. Please prompt for email under Prompts or Send To Guest's Email
  • Fix stuck session start with cover screen
  • Update app framework to fix non-printing issue [Windows]


  • Workaround for security certificate issue on non-updated Windows computers
  • Fix closing print copy selection screen


  • Change online monitoring url
  • Improve printer error logging


  • Fix photo layout editor saving
  • Changable 'Cell' prompt label


  • Fix unresponsive printing


  • Improved offline warnings


  • Fix photo layout import and delete


  • Fix Mac Developer Id issue
  • Add native login for other services (fixes SmugMug's new login page)
  • Email Account uploader should not require email prompt
  • Fix Pinterest login cancelling


  • Larger Twitter native web view


  • Fix stuck session cancel
  • Fix issue with incorrect time at trial start
  • Twitter native login should work in Personal license


  • Fix mobile photo urls in Send Photo Later
  • Allow ZenFolio login with email
  • Fix Send Photo Later confirm delete


  • Fix white LiveView video [DSLR]
  • Add ZenFolio uploader [Premium]
  • Fix offline message for mobile send photo later
  • Fix throttle control in Send Photo Later
  • Mogreet now available in Photo Kiosk Send Photo Later
  • Fix SMS url for TwitrPix, TwitPic,, MobyPicture
  • Fix yFrog uploader
  • Fix Facebook guest login issue


  • Fix cover screen
  • More memory usage improvements and optimizations


  • Fixed Photo Kiosk dialog close
  • Improved Photo Kiosk memory usage


  • Layout improvements to other prompt screens
  • Workaround for Twitter login issue. Windows users, please upgrade to IE11
  • Fix photo album buttons after photo viewing
  • Improved memory usage


  • Add Mogreet MMS service for texting photos to mobile
  • Add timeout to selection screens
  • Improve layout of prompt screens
  • Fix Layout Creator to narrow screens
  • Fix erroneous disabled LiveView detection [DSLR]


  • Fix Twilio upload for non-Twitter photo services


  • Fix Photo Kiosk file updating


  • New Sparkbooth DSLR icon [DSLR]
  • Streamline LiveView for better performance [DSLR]
  • Fix color effect for LiveView [DSLR]
  • Fix freezing on application close [DSLR]
  • Add always-on LiveView option [DSLR]
  • Log DSLR camera status [DSLR]
  • Cover screen options to display a start image or slideshow of photos.
  • Option to replace on-screen button with separate screens to select photo layouts, photo effects, and screen overlays
  • Update Facebook log in screen and uploader to Facebook’s 2.0 service
  • Option to resize photo size for uploads [Premium]
  • Photo layout manager to hide, remove, or favorite photo layouts [Premium]
  • Option to output application status to text file [Premium]
  • Photo layout reset options to select next or random layout for next guest
  • Twilio SMS can now send photo links uploaded to you Facebook, SmugMug, or Flickr accounts
  • Send Photo Later can throttle uploads due for services with rate limits
  • Send all photos to an account email. Great for websites with 'post by email' photo galleries like SquareSpace or WordPress
  • Option in Layout Editor to reset customizations for a photo layout to remove any images and text objects
  • Doubled limit of image and text customizations [Personal]
  • Add counters for Facebook, Twitter, emailing, SMS
  • Change copies on print prompt screen with keyboard using arrow keys
  • Add names to counters
  • Counters can be re-ordered by drag and drop
  • Add photo layout actions callout button
  • 'Update now' notification
  • Fix slowing of frame rate in between sessions to use less CPU
  • Optimize update checker
  • Removed Invisible theme. Use Custom theme instead.
  • Other optimizations and fixes



  • Update Facebook login UI


  • Fix Flickr upload


  • Fix Facebook logout on no permission
  • Fix saving of Send Delay setting
  • Fix Layout Editor nudging with arrow keys


  • Fix custom photo layout failed preview generation


  • Fix photo layout preview thumbnails


  • Add help for 'wrong product' activation error


  • Fix graduation themed photo layouts
  • Add recover license to activation dialog


  • Add option to send HTML emails
  • Remove Facebook photo caption. Pre-filled captions will not pass app review


  • Use updated MailChimp service version


  • Fix Facebook uploaders for recent changes
  • Fix Photo Kiosk queue into Send Photo Later on upload fail
  • Fix offline guest uploading prompt
  • Fix enabled right and bottom print padding for auto scale
  • Improve handling of layout cache delete error
  • Fix stretched video for Windows


  • Add email to account
  • Add more upload counters
  • Print, session, upload counters with actions
  • Add pop art and comic book photo effect
  • Start session with presentation remote
  • Send It Later queue filters based on selected uploader
  • Sent It Later now separate tab in Photo Kiosk
  • Send It Later SMS more accessable in Photo Kiosk
  • Submit emails to mailinglist (MailChimp) from Send It Later
  • Added new stand in screen overlays
  • Ding sound plays on reprint
  • Sort screen overllays by favorites
  • About status includes Send to Account, Send to Guest, and Send Photo Later Hide buttons if no text is set
  • Fix on screen keyboard issues with Pinterest
  • Fix camera setting import
  • Add mailing list setting
  • Facebook uploader should check for Create Content permission for pages


  • Fix Pinterest uploader
  • Fix Photo Kiosk printer and Send it later settings


  • Fix GIF encoding crashes and weirdness
  • Photo kiosk and album has faster and improved updates and transitions
  • Photo kiosk option to display refresh button when updates available
  • Add option to move item to 'back' in layout editor
  • Fix photo album button thumbnail icon
  • Increase max video size to 1280
  • Increased layout preview display time
  • Tweaks to printing alignment
  • Fix Mac crash when changing webcams and themes


  • Fix guest emailer freezing
  • Cancelling or timeout of Facebook or Twitter login no longer skips upload again prompt


  • Fix Twitter uploader error handling
  • Send It Later logs uploads
  • Add import button to Layout Creator toolbar
  • Automatically switch photo size to imported layout


  • Add Beach Ocean scenes screen overlays
  • On screen button labels
  • Change printer settings
  • Move upload prompt setting into Send To Account
  • Fix on screen keyboard display for dialog prompts


  • Send to Twilio from Send It Later
  • Prevent queueing of same data into Send It Later
  • Fix Send It Later uploaders list
  • Fix telephone format mask prompt


  • Unified prompts to prevent multiple prompts for same information for uploading and MailChimp
  • Fix saving of Twilio data
  • Fix saving of telephone prompt to log


  • Fix Send It Later queueing
  • Fix max font size of Layout Creator text
  • Select file dialogs opens from last folder
  • Fix copy and paste ordering in Layout Creator
  • Change Texting to Mobile for Twilio uploader
  • Guest SMS uploader should not be in Send It Later list


  • Fix sizing of on screen keyboard to portrait screen
  • Fix numeric stepper control to show integer values
  • Fix sizing of Guest upload and Facebook Like screens
  • Fix Twitter uploading replacing captions in Photo Kiosk


  • Fix on screen keyboard for portrait screens


  • Fix widescreen photo layout rendering
  • Fix layout switching when changing photo sizes
  • Add enable printing setting to Photo Kiosk print settings

What is new in 4.0

  • Integrated Layout Creator. Accessable from Photo Layout Settings (edit button)
  • Easy layout customization with graphics and text objects
  • Layout Creator has more undo levels
  • Integrated Photo Kiosk mode
  • Start screen settings (ctrl-2)
  • Separate guest, account or page, and queued uploaders
  • Screen overlays to display images over video and composite on photos
  • Twilio SMS and MMS uploader in photo booth and album view
  • Telephone formatted mask control for SMS and MMS uploader
  • Pinterest uploader in photo booth and album view
  • Custom theme to add your own images
  • Pirate theme and layouts
  • Football theme and layouts
  • Fire theme
  • Custom filenames
  • Change start text font
  • Change prompt text font
  • New countdowns
  • Count downs are positionable top, center, or bottom
  • Select random count downs candidates
  • Make animated gifs
  • Optimize print calculations
  • Optimize layout rendering engine
  • Simplify custom Facebook app
  • Unfavorite all layouts by ctrl + Favorite button (cmd on Mac)
  • In Photo Layout settings. Page Up and Down to select. Delete to delete selected
  • In Layout Creator. Page Up and Down to select.
  • Import and export handles layouts and screen overlays
  • Change screen overlay shortcut to ctrl-O or with on-screen button
  • All themes changed to use less memory
  • Larger on screen keyboard
  • Update Adobe frameworks
  • Other fixes and optimizations