Photo Layout Setitngs

Use Photo Layout Settings to set the photo layout to use and to access the Photo Layout Editor



  1. Select from list of photo layouts
  2. Filter photo layouts by square or widescreen photos [Widescreen is Premium license only]
  3. Go to Help
  4. Toggles favorite state of photo layout. Favorited photo layouts are sorted to top of list, and are selectable from start screen if you have the select photo layout button displayed or keyboard shortcut enabled.
  5. Go to Layout Editor to customize photo layout, or create a new photo layout. Creating new photo layouts requires Premium license.
  6. Actions
  7. View photo layout preview image in default image viewer. This is useful if you want to save the preview image to use as a template.
  8. Import Sparkbooth layout file (sbl extension) [Premium license only]
  9. Photo layouts list to quickly set favorited, hidden, or deleting
  10. Attach or remove overlay image to photo layout. Only gif or png image are allowed since they can have transparent backgrounds to let photos show through.
  11. Attach or remove background image to photo layout.
  12. Reset photo layout settings. Allows you change the photo layout automatically for next session.
    • Default Layout. Always reset to the selected layout
    • Next Favorite Layout. Select the next favorite layout.
    • Random Favorite Layout. Select a random favorite layout.
    • Same Layout. Use the current user selected layout.