Photo Layout Editor

The Photo Layout Editor is used to customize photo layouts with text and graphics. If you have a Premium license, you can use the Photo Layout Editor to create your own photo layouts by adding, positioning, resizing, and rotating photo placeholder.

To access to the layout editor, go to Settings > Photo Layouts > click on the Layout Editor icon button




  1. Create new empty photo layout [Premium license only]
  2. Filter photo layout drop down list by square / widescreen / portrait photos. [Premium license only]
  3. Selects photo layouts from list. Read-Only photo layouts cannot be edited. You can customize read-only photo layouts with custom text, images, backgorunds, or overlays, but you cannot change the position and size of the photos. [Premium license only]
  4. Clone selected photo layout. Creates a copy of the selected photo layout which you can now customize. [Premium license only]
  5. Generate preview of photo layout and view in your default image viewer.
  6. Export photo layout. Generates a SBL file (i.e. Sparkbooth Layout) that you can import into Sparkbooth on another computer. [Premium license only]
  7. Add photo onto photo layout that you can position, resize or rotate. [Premium license only]
  8. Add image/graphic onto photo layout that you can position, resize or rotate.
  9. Add text onto photo layout that you can customize, position or rotate.
    10 Delete selected items (photo, image, or text)
  10. Closes Layout Editor and goes back to Photo Layout settings
  11. Rename photo layout. [Premium license only]
  12. Delete photo layout. [Premium license only]
  13. Attach or remove background image
  14. Attach or remote overalay image
  15. Select item properties. Used to fine tune control positioning, resizing, or rotation of selected item.
  16. Resize selected item.
  17. Rotate selected item.
  18. Keyboard shortcut help