Adding a Custom Logo, Text or Background to Photos

These customizing instructions are for Sparkbooth 4 or later. If you are using Sparkbooth 3, please see this

  1. Open Settings
  2. Select Photo Layouts options, and select the photo layout to customize
    Use the arrow buttons or drop down list to select the photo layout to customize
  3. Click Layout Editor button
  4. Add custom text to layout
    First we will add some custom text to the layout by clicking the Add Text button in the toolbar
  5. Change text and font properties
    Using the Text Properties settings to change the text and fonts
  6. Drag text into position
  7. Add a graphic or logo image
    Click the Add Image button and select the image file you want to add to the layout
  8. Drag image into position
  9. Copy the text and image for duplicate layouts
    Since this layout has a duplicate strip, you will want to copy the custom text and graphic under the duplicate strip. Hold the shift key while clicking on the items you want to copy. Next press ctrl-C to copy the items to the clipboard, and then ctrl-V to paste the copied items. On Mac, use command instead on ctrl.
  10. Drag the copied text and image into position
  11. Close the Layout Editor
  12. And your done! Your customized layout is ready to use.
    For more information, please see the video of this tutorial.

For a great source of pre-made graphic to use for your backgrounds, check out GraphicRiver

Need help designing a background for your photo layout?

Need pre-made backgrounds for your photo layout?