Reselling Sparkbooth Licenses

If you are selling photo booths and want to include Sparkbooth software, please note that the license agreement does not allow for resell of the software. Therefore, you must contact us for permission to resell Sparkbooth software, and agree to the following requirements:

  • Purchase only license types that allow for commercial usage. This can be either Sparkbooth Premium or DSLR.
  • Purchase 1 license per photo booth. You may not split activations from a single license across multiple photo booths or owners. This is for you and your customers own protection. There could be times where the software may need to be reinstalled and license key reset. Resetting will deactivate any installs on that license key. If you have split activations across different photo booths and customers, this will cause confusion for your other customers.
  • Register the license key under the email address of your customer. This is for support rather than marketing reasons. Even though many photo booth resellers promise to handle all technical support, their customers often contact Sparkbooth support directly so we need to be able to verify their license. This also ensures the photo booth owner is in control of all their own activations in case they need to reactivate or reset their license.

The reason for the requirements above are to protect both you and your customers.