"License key for different product" error

If you are getting a "License key for different product" error when activating Sparkbooth with your email address and license key, please verify the product of your license key.

You can go to the Recover License page to have your license keys emailed to you. The email will show the product for your license key.

if you purchased your license on July 1, 2016 or later, you have a Sparkbooth 5 license.

If you purchased your license before July 1, 2016, and the license name is:

  • Personal, Premium, or DSLR, you have a Sparkbooth 4 license which can be downloaded from the download page
  • Consumer, Commercial, or Sparkbooth, you have a Sparkbooth 3 license. Go to the archive page and download Sparkbooth 3.8
  • Sparkbooth Party Edition, you have a Sparkbooth Party Edition license which can be downloaded from the archive page

If you have a license key for an older product, you can upgrade your license key to activate the latest version of Sparkbooth

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