"Invalid License Key" error

If you are getting an "Invalid License Key" error, please double check the email address and license key. It is best to copy and paste the email address and license key from the license email into the form to avoid any typos.

If you are getting an "Invalid SSL certificate" error, the software is timing out or hanging, or timeout please check the following:

  • Running the latest version of Sparkbooth from http://sparkbooth.com/download
  • You must have an internet connection to initialize the free trial or to activate the software.
  • On Windows, open Internet Explorer and turn off Offline Mode. If Internet Explorer is in Offline Mode, it will block the software from connecting to the license server.
  • For Windows 8, there could be a internet security prompt behind the activation dialog. Try pressing ESC to exit fullscreen mode, and see if there is a security prompt. You will need to allow Sparkbooth to access the internet to complete the activation.
  • For Windows XP, upgrade to Internet Explorer 8 and apply this SSL patch. If your version of Internet Explorer is too old, it will incorrectly identify the security certificate as invalid and prevent the connection to the license server.