Install Deactivated

A Sparkbooth install can become deactivated from:

  1. Resetting a license key will deactivate all installs activated by the license key. If you have reset the license key, you can go back and reactivate those installs using the same license key.
  2. Signing into a different user account than the one used to activate. Sparkbooth activations are stored per user account, so you just need to sign into the same user account used to activate the software.
  3. After updating the software, you need to start Sparkbooth online to validate the license. If you start the software more than 10 times without validating the software, it will deactivate the install.
  4. If you upgrade a license key, all installs on the license key will be deactivated and you will need to reactivate those install using the new upgraded license key that was emailed to you.
  5. Corrupted license data. License data can become corrupted due to bad hard drive sectors. It is a good idea to run a disk check and fix any corrupted disk sectors.

In either case, you can always reactivate the install by using your license key again. And remember, you do not lose activations since you can always reset the activations.