Getting Sparkbooth to Recognize My Webcam

If Sparkbooth is not recognizing or detecting your webcam, try this:

  1. Press F3 or click the camera button in the upper-right of the main screen to display the camera settings
  2. In the camera drop down, select your webcam and press the apply button


Check if the Logitech Capture software is installed. This software is known to cause Sparkbooth to crash when selecting a webcam. To fix, uninstall the Logitech Capture software. You can install the Camera Settings or Logitech Webcam (works with C910, C920, C922 and Brio) software instead.


On Windows, check the operating system's devices. If the webcam is not recognized as a device by Windows, Sparkbooth will not be able to use the webcam.


On Mac, you will be prompted by MacOS to grant Sparkbooth permission to access the webcam. If you block Sparkbooth from accessing the camera, you will need to go to System Preferences > Privacy > Camera and give Sparkbooth access by enabling the checkmark.


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