Crashes When Trying to Select Webcam


If the application is crashing when you click on the camera drop down list in camera settings, it means there is an issue with listing the cameras / webcams available on your computer. This can happen if you have an incompatible camera or webcam on the computer. Some things to try:

  • Check if you have the Bluetooth incompatibility
  • Try running the camera lock application and see if you can select the camera / webcam:
    1. Install Adobe AIR runtime if it is not already installed
    2. Install and run Sparkbooth Camera Lock app
    3. Select the USB webcam from the drop down list and press the Set button
    4. Start Sparkbooth and see if this resolves the issue
  • If you are unable to run the camera lock application:
    1. Create a text file named sparkbooth-webcam.txt in your Documents folder
    2. Edit the text file, enter 0 (the number zero), and save the file.
    3. Start Sparkbooth and see if it is able to select the camera / webcam
    4. If it does not select the correct camera / webcam, edit the sparkbooth-webcam.txt and increment the number and restart Sparkbooth.
    5. Repeat editing the text file and restart Sparkbooth until it the camera / webcam is selected.