Sparkbooth 4 to 5 Upgrade Checklist

If you are using Sparkbooth 4 Premium or DSLR and want to upgrade to Sparkbooth 5 Premium or DSLR, this checklist will be very useful to you so you can preserve a working backup of 4.3 and activated install of Sparkbooth 5.

  1. Open Sparkbooth 4 and update to the latest version of Sparkbooth 4.3. Go to Settings, select About menu, and click Check for updates link.
  2. Open Sparkbooth 4.3. Go to Settings, select Premium menu and Export configuration option. This will allow you import the settings into Sparkbooth 5 if you have a Premium or DSLR license.
  3. Take note of all menu option changes previously made for customized use.
  4. Note any special printer padding numbers.
  5. Close 4.3
  6. Purchase Sparkbooth 5 Upgrade license
  7. Download and install Sparkbooth 5
  8. Enter license key to activate Sparkbooth 5
  9. If you have a Premium or DSLR license, go to Settings, select Premium menu, Import the configuration file from 4.3, and re-start Sparkbooth 5
  10. Check Camera and Printer operations.
  11. Close Sparkbooth 5 and Open 4.3
  12. Re-activate 4.3 using Upgraded Sparkbooth 5 license if needed as a backup or temporary access.

Thanks to Ed White for this list