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12 Dec, 2019 05:36 PM

Is there a way to delete counters print/session counters? There appears to be hundreds of them in the log. Additionally, just opening the counters tab will crash sparkbooth when I try to close the menu.

  1. Support Staff 1 Posted by John Wu on 12 Dec, 2019 05:45 PM

    John Wu's Avatar

    The only way to delete them is through the counters dialog. See attached
    But since you cannot get to the dialog, you are probably going to have to
    reset your settings

  2. 2 Posted by Brian on 12 Dec, 2019 06:00 PM

    Brian's Avatar

    I can get to it but it's just difficult to close. I know I can reset but the process of adding new counters will start all over again. Just wondering why it's creating so many logs. Didn't know if it was a setting I can change or if it's because I import and export .sbs settings so often.

  3. Support Staff 3 Posted by John Wu on 12 Dec, 2019 06:02 PM

    John Wu's Avatar

    What do you mean by logs? Do you mean you are not creating those print

  4. 4 Posted by Brian on 12 Dec, 2019 06:08 PM

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    I am referring to each counter as a log. No, I am not creating those. I don't understand why new ones keep getting added.

  5. Support Staff 5 Posted by John Wu on 12 Dec, 2019 06:19 PM

    John Wu's Avatar

    Sounds a bug. Can you send your log by holding down shift-crtl-9 from the
    main screen?

  6. 6 Posted by showtimephoto on 12 Dec, 2019 06:23 PM

    showtimephoto's Avatar

    That machine is currently at an all day event. Pretty sure the rest of them are like that too though. I will fire one up in the shop and send the log this afternoon.

  7. 7 Posted by showtimephoto on 12 Dec, 2019 07:17 PM

    showtimephoto's Avatar

    Log sent. FYI, I no longer have access to [email blocked]

  8. Support Staff 8 Posted by John Wu on 12 Dec, 2019 07:46 PM

    John Wu's Avatar

    I do not know why it is doing that. I am going to have to investigate. If
    you can provide any details or steps on how to recreate the issue, it would
    be greatly appreciated

  9. 9 Posted by showtimephoto on 12 Dec, 2019 07:55 PM

    showtimephoto's Avatar

    Don't really know what I did other than my frequent importing/exporting of .sbs. I never really use the counters since they became "overwhelming". Today is the first time I kind of needed a print counter in at least a year.
    Just a way to delete them like in v6 would be great!ThxBrian

  10. Support Staff 10 Posted by John Wu on 12 Dec, 2019 07:59 PM

    John Wu's Avatar

    I don't understand, are you saying version 4 does not have the same delete
    button when you select a custom counter?

  11. Support Staff 11 Posted by John Wu on 12 Dec, 2019 08:00 PM

    John Wu's Avatar

    I just tried it in version 4 and I see the delete button

  12. Support Staff 12 Posted by Joe Connell on 12 Dec, 2019 08:01 PM

    Joe Connell's Avatar

    How long has this been going on or is it something just recent happening??

    You can delete any counter that you added (but you did not add these??)
    there should be a DELETE button at the bottom for each on the counters
    that you click on... to delete that counter...

    Maybe a full system Export for us to look at what is causing this
    in Settings > Premium > Import/Export save it and ZIP it and attach here

  13. 13 Posted by showtimephoto on 12 Dec, 2019 08:01 PM

    showtimephoto's Avatar

    It does not

  14. 14 Posted by showtimephoto on 12 Dec, 2019 08:04 PM

    showtimephoto's Avatar

     Sorry, Yes it does. I meant to say a control delete that would allow you to check a box while holding ctrl and delete or uncheck all boxes

  15. Support Staff 15 Posted by John Wu on 12 Dec, 2019 08:11 PM

    John Wu's Avatar

    You can control delete in version 6? I do not remember that. I'll check
    when I get back from my appointment

  16. 16 Posted by showtimephoto on 12 Dec, 2019 08:11 PM

    showtimephoto's Avatar

    Going on for at least a couple of years. I rarely go to counters menu but when I do they always seem to have multiplied. I can't ever remember creating any. Only an issue on the rare occasion when I need to count prints.(like today)

  17. 17 Posted by showtimephoto on 12 Dec, 2019 08:14 PM

    showtimephoto's Avatar

    I was referring to the ctrl favorite function on layouts or backgrounds. It would take a while to delete each one individually. probably 3 to 4 hundred on some systems

  18. Support Staff 18 Posted by John Wu on 12 Dec, 2019 08:17 PM

    John Wu's Avatar

    The checkboxes are for enabling and disabling counters. Not to select them

  19. Support Staff 19 Posted by John Wu on 12 Dec, 2019 08:19 PM

    John Wu's Avatar

    That is not deleting layouts. It is just unfavoriting

  20. Support Staff 20 Posted by John Wu on 12 Dec, 2019 08:20 PM

    John Wu's Avatar

    But either way. I am not adding no features like that to version 4

  21. Support Staff 21 Posted by Joe Connell on 12 Dec, 2019 08:26 PM

    Joe Connell's Avatar

    ...Best is to EXPORT your settings and send the Export file and we can load the same set up you have and see..

    It appears that (from what you are saying) the system is automatically creating a new Counter every day you use the software and there is no setting to do that ... so there has to be an issue with the version you have installed (4.0) that has a bug... you could do a new install of the most current 4.3 version from the web site and see if it will stop doing that ... but you would still need to delete all those counters manually... they will not be removed with an install of the same version.

  22. Support Staff 22 Posted by John Wu on 12 Dec, 2019 08:27 PM

    John Wu's Avatar

    But I will check to see if there is a bug causing those counters to be

  23. 23 Posted by showtimephoto on 12 Dec, 2019 08:32 PM

    showtimephoto's Avatar

    I know it does not delete the backgrounds or layouts. I was just looking for a way to "select all" instead of having to delete hundreds of counters one at a time. I have 5 and 6 licenses also. I was just hoping to find a solution on these units. I thought if I was missing something you could help me find the problem. I was not looking for new features to be added to sparkbooth DSLR

  24. 24 Posted by showtimephoto on 12 Dec, 2019 08:49 PM

    showtimephoto's Avatar

    I have the settings saved but the .sbs file size is too big to attach here. Will have to put it in a dropbox.

  25. Support Staff 25 Posted by Joe Connell on 12 Dec, 2019 09:05 PM

    Joe Connell's Avatar

    I have an idea that just might work...

    1st I need to know what VERSION of the software is this happening in (4.0? / 5.0?)

    Then I can do an Export of MY Counters only and you can Import it into your settings and replace all those counters with the normal way it should be.

  26. Support Staff 26 Posted by John Wu on 12 Dec, 2019 09:11 PM

    John Wu's Avatar

    I think what is happening is everytime you import the settings, it adds any
    counters as new. I'll will double check when I get back from my appointment

  27. Support Staff 27 Posted by Joe Connell on 12 Dec, 2019 09:22 PM

    Joe Connell's Avatar

    I just tested and that is what is happening...


    From now on when you EXPORT your settings
    to Import into another computer... make sure
    you UNCHECK the Counters in the Advanced Export

    This will prevent you from Importing extra Counters

    but you will still need to Delete all those counters
    that you have in each set up... there is not easy way to do it...

    Q? Why are you Exporting and Importing your setting so much in the first place???
    If you only want the Layouts... Only Export the Layouts
    This is why it is set up with the Advanced export settings.

  28. Support Staff 28 Posted by Joe Connell on 12 Dec, 2019 09:35 PM

    Joe Connell's Avatar

    Nutter Idea

    This will fix your issue and you will
    not have to delete ANY of those Counters

    1) Do an Export of all your setting with the Counters UNCHECKED
    2) Do a RESET (in About- click the SB icon) to show Reset Settings
    ... this will Resetting settings back to default and will require a reboot.
    3) When it opens the software after the Reboot, use the sbs file
    that you Exported without the counters and it should bring it all back in
    with the original Counters (none added by you....)

    ...glad you got me thunking - me brain needs to a get work out sometimes...

    Joe Connell - SB Support

  29. Support Staff 29 Posted by John Wu on 12 Dec, 2019 09:40 PM

    John Wu's Avatar

    Genius Joe!

  30. 30 Posted by showtimephoto on 13 Dec, 2019 05:33 AM

    showtimephoto's Avatar

     That works! Thanks! I figured out the cause while I was setting up for another event tonight. I just replaced all my .sbs settings with the counters unchecked in advanced settings. That was causing them to multiply exponentially with each import/export.

  31. John Wu closed this discussion on 14 Jan, 2020 03:49 AM.

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